Grahame Griffin


Born to an American father and Canadian mother, I am the third child amongst four children that my parents brought into this world. My earliest memories are from a small town called Carlisle, located just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. My most formative years were spent in London, Ontario and after graduating from high school I lived for a short stint in Vancouver, BC. Eventually I returned to London, Ontario, where I was fortunate enough to meet the woman that would eventually become my wife. We were together in London for 4 years before moving to Red Deer, Alberta, for 10 years and then to The Citadel at the end of 2021.


During the summer months of my teenage years, I went to an overnight camp a few hours north of where we lived where I spent an entire month. The camp was heavily focused on canoeing, and the canoe trips ranged anywhere from overnight to 50 days that are spent in the wilderness. As I got older, I attended as a staff member - spending my entire summers at this amazing camp. I leaned heavily into canoe trips and as a camper I always went on the longest trip allowed for my age, eventually doing a 36 day trip. As a counselor, I led trips ranging anywhere from 7 days all the way up to 42 days in length. 


In 2019 I married the most amazing woman on the planet and a short 13 months later she brought our beautiful daughter Autumn into this world. Desiring to make myself a better person every day for my family, I dove headfirst into self improvement and made it a priority in my life. As I improved myself, my life around me kept improving right alongside my personal growth. 

It was at that point that the universe moved mountains and presented me the opportunity to move to The Citadel. Needless to say, I seized the opportunity. Once I got here, I began the process of figuring out how to use these facilities, along with my knowledge of people, in a way to foster in and create an amazing new world for all of humanity. 


My next chapter involves actively shaping the world that I desire to leave to my daughter by training others to be founders of the new world, and it is here at The Citadel, with you, that this chapter begins, see you soon.