Your Exploration

Your exploration takes place over the course of seven days and six nights. The journey includes waking for the sunrise, eating meals cooked over a fire, orienteering this planet and your mind, an overnight canoe excursion, and more.  Full details of each day are listed below.


In the middle of your journey, together, we take to the water in beautiful, brand new canoes and venture out into the wilderness. After traversing several lakes and portages we grow our freedom mindset while enjoying dinner around the fire, all the while basking in the beauty of this magical planet. Finally, we settle our heads in tents or under wide open night sky, the choice is yours to make.

Every meal is included and served fully prepared for the duration of your journey. Aside from the night on canoe trip, you are accommodated in a well equipped cabin, complete with bathroom, shower, kitchen and a refrigerator. There is no TV, bring the book you've been wanting to read or the journal with pages waiting to be filled.