Becoming A Founding Father of The New World

You are alive at a pivotal moment in history. Humans worldwide are connected and jointly calling out for someone to make themselves known as an honorable person with solutions. They are asking to be presented a path away from the control systems stifling our freedoms and towards a world that reflects our true nature​. Humans are born Sovereign and Free. Griffin Exploration provides you with the tools needed to confidently step into your role as a Founding Father. You will learn to proudly carry the torch of Freedom and become a guide for all humanity, ushering in the New World. We are all incredible creators and, together, we will bring forth the next Renaissance. Welcome to your role as a Founding Father.

Griffin Exploration takes place over the course of seven days and six nights. Your adventure includes waking for the sunrise, eating meals cooked over a fire, orienteering this planet and your mind, an overnight canoe excursion, and more.  Full details of each day are listed below.